Poonam Sandhu Duggal – DeLacey Montessori School

De Lacey have been instrumental in the development of my daughter. I have found every single staff member dedicated to the work they do with the children. Everything within the nursery is so well thought out. The Key workers have always consulted me regularly and given me direction in how I can best support my daughter. The nursery includes ALL the family in social functions which gives a great sense of togetherness, which is especially important for us as a family. It doesn’t feel like a nursery but more like one big family and the children are cared for accordingly. They are even great at supporting parents like myself through transitions and a change in family circumstances. For example, when we had another baby, they supported my daughter alongside us. And also, when we had a family bereavement, the staff not only gave the care to my daughter but also us as a couple. This is a great place to send any child as they truly recognise how to get the best from each child and celebrate them.