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The de Lacey Montessori School is a multi award winning Montessori Pre-School and one of the oldest in the Borough, established in 1982.

We offer children, from the age of 18 months, an exceptional exceptional early years education, tailored to the individual learning needs of YOUR unique child. We offer every child;

  • Individual Montessori teaching and learning,
  • Access to ‘Forest School’ curriculum,
  • Included weekly Yoga and Multi-Sports classes,
  • Regular music and cookery classes,
  • A large, beautiful, listed building environment in which to play and learn with high quality wooden toys and resources,
  • An intimate garden and outdoor play area,
  • A comprehensive Kitchen Garden programme of growing our own food and plants,
  • A dedicated, skilled and experienced staff team,
  • An award winning senior team, dedicated to bringing you and your child the best.
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We have created a series of '1 Page Guides' packed with tips and information on the most common areas that parents ask us about at school. These guides cover all of the following:
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A word from Charlotte de Lacey, Senior Manager & Director.

“Welcome to The de Lacey Montessori School. I am honoured at your interest.

The school was first opened in 1982 in my family home in Isleworth by my mum Sylvia de Lacey, but she very quickly outgrew our living room and transferred into our ‘forever home’ in St Francis Community Hall within the year, where we have been ever since. I worked alongside my mum for several years before taking over ownership of the school on 1st January 2009. Sylvia, though now largely retired, still plays an active role in the school, mainly through teacher training, which she still loves doing – so you can see that we truly are a family run business.

Our beautiful little school offers your child the best of all worlds – exceptional early education in the Montessori Method, first class play experiences, a complete Forest School programme from the age of two and a stable, skilled and very experienced staff team. We aim to give your child the best possible start to their educational career and provide a ‘springboard’ into their future school lives!

I look forward to meeting you and to welcoming you and your child into our little family very soon.

Charlotte DeLacey
DeLacey Montessori Nursery

Opening Hours

Mon – Fri

All hours are term time only. Open 38 weeks a year.

Breakfast Club

9:00am – 9:30pm

£4 per day

Core Hours

9:30am – 3:30pm

Here at De Lacey we are

Award Winners

Don’t just take our word for the quality that we offer you, we work very hard to be recognised for the high standards that we achieve, and are delighted to let you know a little about what we have achieved.

Ofsted report
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Ofsted | #justquality | Let’s talk together | Millie’s mark | Healthy early learning years London | Hounslow business awards

Meal Time

Healthy Eating

Your child’s health is very important to us, so we pride ourselves in providing a healthy environment in which they can grow. Whilst with us your child will benefit from;

  • Nutritious, home cooked, fresh vegetarian hot meal every day cooked on site by our chef
  • Organic milk and water to drink, available all day
  • Fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables at snack time each day
  • Regular kids Cookery Club sessions where children can experiment with tastes and textures
  • Our ability to meet a wide range of dietary requirements.
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Happy families

We know that what other parents think is important to you, so don't just take our word for it...

De Lacey have been instrumental in the development of my daughter. I have found every single staff member dedicated to the work they do with the children. Everything within the nursery is so well thought out. The Key workers have always consulted me regularly and given me direction in how I can best support my daughter. The nursery includes ALL the family in social functions which gives a great sense of togetherness, which is especially important for us as a family. It doesn’t feel like a nursery but more like one big family and the children are cared for accordingly. They are even great at supporting parents like myself through transitions and a change in family circumstances. For example, when we had another baby, they supported my daughter alongside us. And also, when we had a family bereavement, the staff not only gave the care to my daughter but also us as a couple. This is a great place to send any child as they truly recognise how to get the best from each child and celebrate them.

Poonam Sandhu Duggal

The De Lacey Montessori and all their staff have been tremendous in the way that they have helped to nurture, teach, grow and develop our son.

The warm, caring and friendly environment coupled with putting the needs of each child at the centre of what you do, has helped to establish my child and others in his group as being slightly ahead of other children that I have observed during “big school” inductions. My son looks forward to attending every day as for him it feels like a home away from home – the difference only being he has more friends to play and learn from whilst there. Thank you for the last 2 years and a bigger thank you for preparing our son for the next chapter in his life – big school and doing so in such an empowering way. The school and the staff will always be in my son’s heart and we as a family will always be grateful for the head start that you have given him. We could not have done this without you and I can’t commend, be grateful, thankful or recommend you enough to other parents.

Nadia Khan

A place where my both the kids were always happy,cheerful and eager to go. I am so proud of Charley and her team that they take care of each and every child needs and ensure they grow and develop with the much needed skills before they start the school . I have seen not only mine but other children as confident and felt contend at drop offs and pick ups. I would highly recommend Delacey to the new parents.

SJ Tiwari

My son, now 4, has been attending this preschool since he was 2 and every morning he is very happy to go. He is learning while having fun and it’s great to see how proud he is when he learns something new. The staff are nourishing, caring and very professional. At this preschool the focus is not only about academic abilities but about creativity, social skills, respect. This was exactly what I was looking for and the reason why I am very grateful my daughter will be able to attend the same school.

Fabrizia Marino

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