Nadia Khan – DeLacey Montessori School

The De Lacey Montessori and all their staff have been tremendous in the way that they have helped to nurture, teach, grow and develop our son.

The warm, caring and friendly environment coupled with putting the needs of each child at the centre of what you do, has helped to establish my child and others in his group as being slightly ahead of other children that I have observed during “big school” inductions. My son looks forward to attending every day as for him it feels like a home away from home – the difference only being he has more friends to play and learn from whilst there. Thank you for the last 2 years and a bigger thank you for preparing our son for the next chapter in his life – big school and doing so in such an empowering way. The school and the staff will always be in my son’s heart and we as a family will always be grateful for the head start that you have given him. We could not have done this without you and I can’t commend, be grateful, thankful or recommend you enough to other parents.